2017     Liber Novus_Driokolaptis_E.Papadopetrakis_P.Tselios


2017     Hello,i love you -Taf,Athens

2017     fantastic engravings-delta(δ.) gallery,Volos

2016     Hypnos Project_hypnos issue-Onassis cultural                     center(Stegi),Athens

2016     engraving conversations-Iset,Athens

2016     100 years greek printmaking,collection of P&C                     Kollialis-Constantinoupolis  

2016     Art in the loft-Ianos,Athens

2016     Studios 2015-Taf.The art foundation,Athens

2016     Not Proper-KIX,Athens

2015     Diploma show,ASFA,Athens

2015     Tribute to H.C.Andersen-Ianos,Athens

2015     Printmakers allegations-Metaichmio,Athens

2014     Νulla dies sine linea-Taf.The art foundation,Athens

2014     Imago mundi_Benetton collection,Italy

2014     12+1-cultural center Melina,Athens

2014     UP-Taf.The art foundation,Athens

2014     The portrait of Kavafis-Metaichmio,Αthens

2014     Art in the loft-Ianos,Athens

2014     Art exchibition-cultural center of Ekali,Athens

2014     Printmaking under the bridge-Under the bridge theater             ,Pireaus

2013     Engraving Athens-citylink,Athens(1st prize)

2012     The art of bookbinding,from Byzantium to conteporary             visual creation -Byzantine and Christian museum of               Athens,Athens

2012     Α'printmaking studio-ASFA,Athens

2012     Visualization-Gravrielides publications,Αthens

2011     A.Papadiamantis Tribute-Melina cultural center of                 Athens,Athens

2011     C'painting studio-ΑSFA,Athens

2011     City models-citylink,Athens

2008     Α'painting studio-defacto,Thessaloniki


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