2020     MFA degree show, ASFA, Athens.

2020     MFA open studios, ASFA, Athens.

2019     Zoodochou Pigis, Athens. 

2019     MFA open, ASFA, Athens.  

2019     Graduates ’14 – ’17, ASFA, Athens. 

2018     Νέοι χαράκτες 2018-2019, Σπίτι της Κύπρου, Athens. 

2018     Don't judge a cover by its artist- Taf. The Art Foundation, Athens.

2018     Collection of authentic books of P&C Kollialis, Hellenic Embassy, Vienna. 

2017     Liber Novus_Driokolaptis_E. Papadopetrakis_P. Tselios, Romantso, Athens.

2017     Hello, i love you -Taf. The Art Foundation, Athens.

2017     fantastic engravings- delta(δ.) gallery,Volos.

2016     Hypnos Project_hypnos issue-Onassis cultural center(Stegi), Athens.

2016     engraving conversations- Iset, Athens.

2016     100 years greek printmaking, collection of P&C Kollialis- Constantinople. 

2016     Art in the loft- Ianos, Athens.

2016     Studios 2015- Taf.The Art Foundation, Athens.

2016     Not Proper-KIX, Athens.

2015     Diploma show, ASFA, Athens.

2015     Tribute to H.C.Andersen- Ianos, Athens.

2015     Engraving allegories- Metaichmio Publications, Athens.

2014     Νulla dies sine linea- Taf. The Art Foundation, Athens.

2014     Imago mundi_ Benetton collection, Italy.

2014     12+1- cultural center Melina, Athens.

2014     UP- Taf.The Art Foundation, Athens.

2014     The portrait of Kavafis- Metaichmio Publications, Αthens.

2014     Art in the loft- Ianos, Athens.

2014     Art exhibition- cultural center of Ekali, Athens.

2014     Printmaking under the bridge- Under the bridge theater, Pireaus.

2013     Engraving Athens- citylink, Athens (1st prize).

2012     The art of bookbinding,from Byzantium to conteporary visual creation-                         Byzantine and Christian museum of Athens, Athens.

2012     Α' printmaking studio- ASFA, Athens.

2012     Visualization- Gravrielides publications, Αthens.

2011     A. Papadiamantis Tribute-Melina cultural center of Athens, Athens.

2011     C' painting studio- ΑSFA, Athens.

2011     City models- citylink, Athens.

2008     Α' painting studio- defacto, Thessaloniki.

workshops (organizer, collaborator)

2019     Driokolaptis (Euripides Papadopetrakis- Pantazis Tselios), Printmaking and                 Book, Hellenic American Educational Foundation, Athens College                               elementary school, Athens.

2019     Driokolaptis (Euripides Papadopetrakis- Pantazis Tselios), Selenometria- the               art of book as a visual medium, Athens School of Fine Arts- Studio of                           graphic arts- typography and art of book, Athens.         

2019     Εργαλεία Αποσυναρμολόγησης 2, Zafos Xagoraris, Onassis Stegi, Athens.    2018     Εργαλεία Αποσυναρμολόγησης, Zafos Xagoraris, Onassis Stegi, Athens.

workshops (participant)


2012      Bookbinding course at the Babis Leggas bookbinding studio, Athens.

2012      Byzantine bookbinding workshop at the Babis Leggas bookbinding studio                    under the aid of  the National Hellenic Research foundation and                                    the european project STUDITE, with subject the byzantine bookbinding                            practics and aesthetics, Athens.

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